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Stay ahead of the curve with our innovative Bitcoin terminals

Steps for using the terminal:

Tap the Bitcoin icon

Choose option to Buy

Enter the money

Bring the QR close to the scanner

It has to be the option to “receive” from your wallet

Press option “Buy bitcoin”

Commissions and limits per user:

Commissions per purchase

A fixed fee of US$5


9% of the purchase amount.

Minimum per purchase




Note: Only at the Trifami Building terminal, users can purchase larger amounts by going through a KYC registration process. ₡250.000 will be the maximum per wallet.

Bitcoin converter:

Swap Bitcoin conversion input fields

Recommended Wallets:

See Wallet

Trezor Model One Hardware Wallet

Trezor Model One

Trezor Wallet

Hardware wallet

Keep your seed phrase, you are the custodian of your Bitcoin.

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